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I am student of Control (Major) and Computer (Minor) Engineering at Iran University of Science & Technology. I’m passionate Software & System Engineering, Software Architectures, DevOps and AI Engineering. I have started with C and C++ and have learned about algorithmic vision. Driven by the desire of always being my better self, I choose to be in constant learning and having an open mind. Lastly, I consider myself a goal-oriented person, always focused on a problem and my mantra of life is all about hard work and absolute determination.


Software Engineer

Mar 2022 - May 2022
Imenaria, Tehran

Golang back-end developer.I have contributed at and

  • Golang Developer

Software Engineer

Sep 2021 - Sep 2021
IDPay, Tehran

Developing Microservices based on peronal wallet services and also break the old school monolithic system to separate services to reach performance and efficiency.

  • Golang Developer
  • Microservices

PHP Developer

Oct 2019 - Oct 2020
LearnAsan, Tehran

Back-End and Front-End developer for developing a E-Learning website to release various courses in Programming and in IT for Students.

  • PHP Developer
  • E-Learning Management System


Some of my open source projects that you can find them on my github account with its associated github pages.

MovieAPI - A simple movie API for inserting movie and getting movie by its own ID with pkg for database driver.
BookinRoomSystem - An application for manage a website that rent rooms for any type of meetings . that have two type such as generals or majors rooms for any type of porpuses. I use html template library for generating and parsing HTML templates.
Service Monitor - An application in Go for monitoring various services that you registered them like Prometheus; But without any Query language, everything configure with GUI settings on web browser.
Blog System - Blogging System with gRPC server and Restful API and gRPC client for client-side to communicate with other clients across the web.
Movie Database - A Rest-API for managing a website for showing their associated information. Actually, Everything is same as my Booking Management System except for GraphQL and bcrypt pkg for hashing passwords.


My certification and licences in AI, DevOps and Software engineering.

  • My Pluralsight Profile
  • Pluralsight
  • Linux for Developers
  • Cousera
    L58W2TDNLC73, 2021
  • C++ for C Programmers, Part A
  • Cousera
    L58W2TDNLC73, 2021
  • C++ for C Programmers, Part B
  • Cousera
    VKP5PFUWJZ65, 2021
  • Linux Tools for Developers
  • Cousera
    BNEGFLGPX34K, 2021
  • Linux Server Management & Security
  • Cousera
    SND4A9WSWXN7, 2021
  • Algorithmic Toolbox
  • Cousera
    STKRVZ6LCW5R, 2021
  • Python Data Structures
  • Cousera
    86SDW96CRCT7, 2021
  • Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Cousera
    MW25E9EQGUPG, 2021
  • Kotlin for Java Developers
  • Cousera
    SS8DEN5U9VGN, 2021
  • Using Python to Interact with the OS
  • Cousera
    RCCZCE87Y2FS, 2021
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Cousera
    JTQRW6FSMPFX, 2021
  • Crash Course on Python
  • Coursera
    VBQ6EA7YZRPX, 2021
  • Introduction to Git & Github
  • Coursera
    L3QJH4SBQT9X, 2021
  • HackerRank Golang Basic Certification
  • HackerRank
    FECF0B34C802, 2021
  • HackerRank Java Basic Certification
  • HackerRank
    72DEF3F90C21, 2021
  • HackerRank Javascript Basic Certification
  • HackerRank
    B9DB46F79240, 2021
  • HackerRank Python Basic Certification
  • HackerRank
    9D0F3FD24FCF, 2021
  • HackerRank RestAPI Intermediate Certification
  • HackerRank
    AD03A50E26DB, 2021
  • HackerRank SQL Basic Certification
  • HackerRank
    30F1B8D7F7C0, 2021
  • HackerRank SQL Intermediate Certification
  • HackerRank
    6843A81CDF14, 2021

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